Clifford House enjoyed a fun day out during the half term, in recognition of Sons and Daughters month. The fostering team, and all our children, had a great day out Carving Out Some Fun Over Half Term!

We’ve been gathering up your most asked questions on fostering this week! Here are the top three, with answers from our experts: What is the difference between fostering and adopting? Your Most Asked Questions on Fostering for #FosteringFriday

We’re excited with the launch of this years Foster Care Fortnight, for which the theme is ‘Time to Foster. Time to Care’. The charity behind the campaign – The Fostering Time to Foster. Time to Care | Foster Carer Fortnight 2016

We’ve had lots of questions in for #FosteringFriday and have answered the top three below: What training do I need to do to become a Foster Carer? We offer full training Top Questions on Fostering Answered! #FosteringFriday

Here are the answers this week’s top three asked #FosteringFriday questions! How do I apply? Once you’ve had an initial chat with us over the phone and we’ve visited you at #FosteringFriday | You Ask, We Answer

Here were today’s most asked #FosteringFriday queries: Am I too old to foster if I’m retired? Not at all. There is no maximum age you can become a foster carer, #FosteringFriday | You Ask, We Answer

Becoming a Foster Carer – Best Decision You Ever Made?

Making the decision to become a foster carer is hugely rewarding. You will be providing much needed stability and support to a child or children, in a safe environment.Foster carers Becoming a Foster Carer – Best Decision You Ever Made?

What is Fostering? A mother’s perspective.

Fostering is someone or more than one person who brings up or looks after a child that is not theirs. Foster carers are so important to those children who do What is Fostering? A mother’s perspective.

Foster Caring in the UK Survey 2015

The foster care sector provides a safe place for over 50,000 children in the care of social services each year. According to national statistics, around 1 in 3 or those Foster Caring in the UK Survey 2015

2015 Foster Care Facts and Statistics

Local Authorities, with the support of leading organisations and charities such as Ofsted, the Coram, The Fostering Network and IFAs (Independent Fostering Agencies), play a leading role in securing a 2015 Foster Care Facts and Statistics

I’ve heard that if I give up work then I can’t claim benefits for six months, does this count if I give up work to foster? Will I receive enough MumsNet Questions: Fostering, Benefits and Work

Articles 14/05/12 – Every 22 Minutes a Child Needs a Foster Carer – Huffington Post This article gives a factual perspective on the need for foster carers in the UK No Idea About Fostering? Here are 13 Articles and Blogs We Recommend