Trauma Informed Training

At Clifford House, our unique Trauma Informed training is a tailored programme designed to empower foster parents in making a meaningful impact on the lives of the children they support.

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Our training provides foster parents the tools to provide the best outcomes for children and young people  

Supporting children who have experienced trauma is a journey that takes time, and often we can’t understand the full extent of a child’s trauma until later in their care journey.

In foster care, many of the children are healing from childhood trauma that involved being abused or neglected. They often have a desperate desire to be cared for but also have serious trust issues with adults, which means fostering a child with trauma doesn’t come without challenges.

That’s where our specialist Trauma Informed training comes in.

It’s a way for foster parents to explore with their supervising social worker what’s really going on for children in their care, how does a child’s experience affect their behaviour, their response, and their decision making?

By understanding the effects of trauma, foster parents can respond to a child’s needs with empathy and sensitivity, helping the child process their trauma and teach them more helpful and beneficial ways of communicating their needs.

Our unique Trauma Informed training programme

At Clifford House our Trauma Informed training is a unique to us, bespoke programme that recognises that foster parents want to make a difference in the lives of children they care for.

The six-session programme focuses on the following:

  • Understanding how trauma develops in the developing child
  • Attachment theory and how this links to behaviours
  • Brain development and how this is impacted by trauma and care received by young children
  • How we can learn to help children move through the trauma they have experienced and build positive and trusting relationships with others
  • How foster parents can care effectively for children who have experienced trauma

Accessible training for all our foster parents

We offer a blended learning approach to ensure our training is accessible to all our foster parents. Not only do we offer an online training option, but also delivery face-to-face in our local office where you’ll benefit from the peer support of other foster parents.

You’ll be able to learn from the trainers and from others, identifying real and lasting strategies to help you nurture and provide the best outcomes for the children in your care.

At Clifford House we are passionate about providing  our foster parents with the training and tools they need to help children in their care recover from their past and go on to lead healthy, happy lives.

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