It’s our mission to: 

  • Offer high quality care in a family setting where the focus is on the welfare and specific needs of the individual child/young person.
  • Make a commitment to the recruitment of foster carers from a diversity of backgrounds and experience.
  • Deliver a partnership based service that is fully inclusive of children and young people, their families, foster carers, Local Authorities and other key stakeholders.
  • Be the IFA of choice for  Foster Carers  & commissioners in the UK.
  • Retain and support foster carers through a strategy that ensures they are professionally supervised, supported, financially rewarded and professional development continues.

Everything we do is focused on ensuring we can give children and young people the chance to live in a family where they’re valued, encouraged and given exactly the support they need to reach their full potential. Protecting them at all times from abuse and neglect, we aim to help them build their confidence in a family where they can really feel at home.  We also aim to:

  • Achieve stability and security for children and young people through relationships with trusted adults that minimises disruption and affords protection from abuse and neglect.
  • Respect for and promotion of the racial, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds of children and young people.
  • A commitment to the promotion of anti-discriminatory practice and the equality of opportunity.
  • Consideration for the gender, sexuality, disability and history of children and young people when making placement decisions.
  • Creation of stability, affording security and freedom from abuse, harassment and bullying.
  • Promote educational attainment and health needs in the achievement of positive outcomes for children and young people, including access to therapeutic services.

We bring together social workers, education, health and support professionals to provide holistic care for all of the children and young people we place. We aim to develop and maintain a child and young person centred service in which those placed are valued, supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

We provide support 24/7 for our foster families.We understand that fostering children and young people is a lifestyle choice that involves support not only to the carers, but their family members directly and indirectly.  It’s our aim to be responsive to the needs of every child, and every carer in those families. It’s vital to us that every one of them has a voice. The high-quality training, support services and rewards we offer make sure everyone who fosters for us has the resources they need to rise to the challenge. What’s more, we work hard to develop networks between foster families that will strengthen everyone in our fostering community.

We have rigorous quality assurance processes, which not only meet the standards of Ofsted commissioning teams and placing authorities, but also create a culture where children can develop relationships of genuine trust with their carers and our staff. From self-evaluation surveys and questionnaires, to unannounced monitoring visits and target audits, we make sure we’re evaluating our services carefully, and using the information to create a cycle of continuous improvement.  We have also made a commitment to provide ongoing training and development for foster carers through a pathway to the achievement of qualifications to ensure the highest standards of care.