Foster Agency in the Midlands
Foster Agency in the Midlands

Over 25 Years of Excellent Foster Care Services

With over 25 years of excellent foster care in the Midlands, we’re dedicated to changing and improving the lives of children in our care.

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We understand transferring is a big decision, that’s why our friendly team are here to offer support and guidance to ensure you make the right choice for you.

We’ll provide you with ongoing quality training not just at the start of your journey, but throughout your fostering career to help broaden your knowledge and skills.

We’re one big family, focused on helping people reach their full potential. Join us and you’ll share the feeling of being part of something that always pulls together.

We recognise that foster parents should be rewarded for their hard work, that’s why we offer generous allowances and payments, along with extra rewards & support.

Clifford House Fostering

Providing children in care with strong family foundations

Here at Clifford House Fostering Service, we’re dedicated to changing and improving the lives of children separated from their birth families in the West Midlands. As an independent fostering agency with 25 years’ experience, we are well placed to make a positive difference to the foster children in our care. One of the most important things to us is creating a strong sense of family in everything we do. We’re small enough to know all our families and children and have a friendly and professional team who will provide you with the quality training and support you need to make a real difference.

Fostering Near You Made Easy

We’re located in Bromsgrove which gives us great coverage across the South and West Midlands. Coving areas such as Birmingham, Warwickshire, Gloucester, Hereford and much more. We ensure each of our foster families has a trusted network of support that makes them feel part of a community dedicated to turning lives around.

Step by Step

Learn more about the process of becoming a foster parent, as we talk you through the step you will take when starting to foster with Clifford House.

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As an independent fostering agency with over 25 years’ experience, we are well placed to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Our expert team are committed to helping foster children and families be the best they can be.

Fostering Stories

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