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Here at Clifford House, we’re proud to support our dedicated community of foster parents and their families. We understand how important it is for our foster parents to feel supported How we’re investing in the future of our foster parents at Clifford House

New Fostering Family

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and for many, it is a time of excitement, good cheer and fabulous memories, but for a new fostering family, it may not be Celebrating Christmas as a New Fostering Family 

foster parent with a foster children

For anyone considering starting a career as a foster parent, this guide is for you. There are many benefits for your family unit when you decide to welcome a foster Benefits of Fostering to Your Family

The first day of school can be scary for both the child and their parents, especially if you have a foster child. Every foster parent wants their child to have How to Prepare Your Foster Child for the First Day of School

The West Midlands is home to some of the UK’s most picturesque walking spots, with an incredible range of wildlife and woodland. Whether you’re looking for a place for the Some Of The Best Places To Walk In West Midlands

Help Your Foster Child Manage Their Feelings

As a foster parent, you play a very important role in a child’s life. Your foster child is relying on you to provide a safe, caring, comfortable and stable environment 9 Ways in Which You Can Help Your Foster Child Manage Their Feelings