Tammy & James’ Fostering Journey

15 February, 2019

Tammy and her husband started fostering just over a year ago, after having their first child and wanting to give another child the same positive upbringing that their own son has had.

Tammy said: “We knew that we could offer a loving and supportive home to another child that may be less fortunate than our own. With our son’s consent, we decided to become a foster family.”

The desire to help another child, combined with her husband’s family background in fostering and a career working in a residential care facility, made fostering a natural progression for the couple.

Since receiving the great news at panel and being accepted as Foster Carers, the couple have welcomed 17-year-old Zainab* into their family.

The bond they’ve built is already very strong, Zainab commented: “I feel very lucky to have the carers I have got. I feel very loved and was accepted into their family from the start. I always feel like I can talk to my family about anything and they will always be there to support me.”

When asked about her favourite thing to do with her family, she responded: “Spending quality time together as a family. We spend lots of time doing activities together, like going out for meals or having movie nights with snacks.”

Fostering has brought a wealth of new experiences and memories to the entire family. Both Tammy and Zainab agreed that Christmas was one of their most stand-out memories, as due to her religion, Zainab had not previously experienced it.

“Showing her the traditions of Christmas brought the magic back to Christmas, as our birth son was beginning to lose his belief in it all. It was one of the best Christmas days, and build up to the day, that we have ever had. To see the magic and sparkle in both children’s eyes was the best feeling a parent could have”, Tammy recalls.

It’s great experiences and relationships like these that help to build confidence and self-esteem in young people, which are key to their happiness and development.

Tammy is so proud to be a foster carer, she explains, “Seeing our young lady grow and develop from the person she once was, to the amazing person she is today is why I’m proud to foster. With our guidance, she has started to make positive decisions and is turning her life around. We could not be prouder of her!”

It’s estimated that fostering services need to recruit a further 5,900 foster families in the next 12 months in the UK. If you’d like to learn more about the role of a foster carer, then please get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 369 8515 or enquire online today – we’d love to hear from you.

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